Rémy Aron

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Born on April 16, 1952 in Suresnes - French
artist painter
Knight of arts and letters
Diploma from Paris Fine Arts School
Member-researcher of the National Academy of Painting of China
President of AFAP (French Association of Plastic Arts)

Residence Grant at Casa Velasquez, Madrid, 1979
Prize of the Regional Council of Ile de France, in 1982
First prize Noufflard, Fondation de France in 1985
Academy of Fine Arts Scholarship - Gold Medal for French Artists
Grand Prix Fernand Cormon (Taylor Foundation)
Regional, departmental and communal Medal of Honor -Vermeil
Numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1974 in France, Europe and China.
Great Salons (May, Big and Young, 109, Autumn, Comparison.)


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